Kitten/Cat Supplies


Your new kitten needs to stay entertained! Bengals are a very high energy breed, so keeping them active is very important!


Cats are natural predators, so they will love running after these through the house. Just watch out, quite a few may end up under the fridge. ;) They're inexpensive & will keep them entertained for hours! My cats will carry these around and drop them just so they'll be able to chase after them again.

Automatic Laser Pointer

This little gadget is by far one of my favorites since I work from home. You can put batteries in it, or plug it into the wall and have it come on every so often automatically. It will whiz around for a while and shut back off. Since it makes a very low buzzing noise (only noticeable when it's super quiet), so when my cats hear it, they will jump right up and start chasing it!

Floppy Fish

This is a funny one to watch them go after! You just charge this fish up (USB charging cable included) and it will automatically start flopping around once it's been touched. If they don't touch it for a while, it will shut off.


Water Fountain

Cats love moving water, so these are a must for my cats. They won't drink from any other water source now (spoiled!). It will flash red if/when it gets low on water, so you'll always know when to refill it. Depending on how many cats you have will determine how often you'll need to clean it out. I typically give it a thorough cleaning once per week (more often if they accidently get something in it).

Cat Tree

Cats need to have safe spaces up high to sleep, rest and look out windows. This is the cat tree we have in our living room in front of the sliding glass door. It's quite tall, and gives our four cats plenty of room to rest up, play, and mess with each other before they get back to terrorizing the rest of the house! We've had it for about 2 years now and we've only had to replace a few of the posts since the cats love to scratch on them.

Keep your feline friend happy & healthy with these cat essentials!