Our Cats


Link is our beautiful silver spotted (rosetted) Bengal boy. He is definitely the man of the house, while still being a mama's boy. He is super loving and affectionate; his coat is amazingly glittered. He has his favorite people who he cuddles with on a constant basis. Link makes sure that everyone knows when he wants something from you.

Lila (Lili)

Lila is our gorgeous brown spotted (rosetted) Bengal girl. She is the queen of the house and makes it known. She is extremely playful and full of energy. If it's in the house - she will play with it. She is the reason why we need locks on everything (haha). She is a very curious and adventurous soul. However, she is the instigator; whatever mood the rest of them are in, is due to her. She will chase the others through the house & play with them for hours.


Lucy is our female rescue cat we picked up from the local animal shelter. She is the dare-devil of them all. She loves to cuddle and she makes perfect biscuits. Her and Lila play all morning each day, galloping through the house which makes you question the noise; is it a cat or a stampede of elephants?


Leo is our male rescue we picked up from the local animal shelter. He is the one that will meet you at the door when you first show up. If he sees you sitting down without a cat on your lap, he's there to change that.